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Reading: the bride wedding dress selection taboo

Publié le 25 Janvier 2013 in maternity wedding dresses

The bride wedding dress selected nine taboo:

1, shoulder or thin

Appropriate: report of the shoulder pad styles, lantern sleeve or sheep spleen sleeve, shoulder flower decoration, such as wrinkles, trim and other broad shoulder dress.

Avoid: sleeveless style, no shoulder pad Lantern Sleeve Style, no shoulder pad low V neck or - wedding.

2, small, flat chest

Appropriate: Wai frilled or decoration style, the body uses texture tinggua material, with a short coat with bra wedding, cheap maternity wedding dresses, wedding chest flower nail button.

Avoid: the upper part of the body is elegant, simple style, low collar design, upper body clothing slim, no bra wedding.

3, a short neck or double chin

Appropriate: V neck or T-shirt styles, with long necklace, and her style.

Avoid: high neckline or collar style, with ring necklace, with Lapel coat dress.

4, broad shoulders cross

Appropriate: sleeveless style, avoid the use of shoulder pad.

Avoid: V neck or T-shirt, narrow straps wedding.

Appropriate: dull color cloth, the upper part of the body is wide and straight styles, styles, moderate neckline.Avoid: shiny material, length until the chest necklace, sleeve to chest styles, chest flower button styles

5, waist short

Yi: with waist underwear, Wai tightening elongated abdomen, waist line, no special decoration styles, with narrow belt, low-rise, low waist style V.

Avoid: Obi, alvine frilly, waist a bow, with not good-fitting bra, to make breasts sag.

6, flat buttocks

Appropriate: the lower abdomen and buttocks with ruffles, breech bow or flower, flash cloth, the buttock or thigh folds styles.

Avoid: tight skirt, shoulder exaggerated style, the upper part of the body. Excessive.

7, tall

Appropriate: loose body styles, straight lines, elegant style, dull color clothing, accessories and shoes with slightly exaggerated, moderate to low-cut neckline, slightly tall hairstyle and headdress.

Avoid: tight style, stripes, with ruffles or lotus shape, lantern sleeve, shiny fabric, with small ornaments, the collar is too high, small bride shoes, comfortable style, small ornaments, sleeve and chest.

8, waist length

Appropriate: princess style, with wide belt, waist with a bow, a frilly underbelly.

Avoid: waist, or waist low V font styles and fine belt.

9, the gluteus maximus

Yi: with shoulder pads to balance the body lines, the skirt with straight seam, dull color cloth, mainly on the decoration to divert attention.

Avoid: bright clothing, down by striated decoration, with a frilly, lower abdomen, breech wrinkles

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