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Elegant dresses emphasized the rich mood

Publié le 19 Octobre 2012 in Bride Dresses, clothing, shopping

Elegant Mother of the Bride Dresses emphasized the rich mood

Different style of dress, the bride to get rid of the monotony of the wedding, to become the center of attention!

Versailles style

Perhaps modern tunic tops with tight leather pants, provoke enough people's attention; the weird hat plus of a IsabellaBlow style do on your brooch is Versailles flaunt style and fashion taste Revelation.

Mysterious Orient

Alleys of the old French Concession unique flavor, the beautiful gardens of the former British Embassy, pervaded mysterious old marketplace atmosphere, crowds billowing Nanjing Road and the characteristic tea houses, Turin is now in front of the camera for the upcoming add luster to the day.

Natural wave

Take you back to the elegant and romantic stunning Love; the natural theme gardens create an atmosphere of autumn and winter sensual beauty equipment Philosophy. Love and joy finally crystallized beautiful face is unique and timeless beauty.

Mediterranean style

Injected into the big black bracelets and printed chiffon dawn of the thick green velvet, the irresistible Mediterranean mysterious and grace, revival, carved at the moment time, calmly and firmly quiet hidden in the shadow of the Hercules columns.

Graceful Imagination

Lightness long yarn put on a large drag to skirt stylish denim jacket wrapped soft without losing strong, overlooking the contemplative face, do lay out in the pouring of gentle curves and graceful posture. 10.19




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